Tromsø´s CBGB´s 

Bastard Bar was established in september 2009 and it is driven by restless minds and souls with a real passion for cultivating and maintaining local, regional and national subculture of underground clubs.


With over 150 concerts a year, weekly jam sessions, football and music quizzes regularly, Bastard Bar has quickly become the towns core of underground culture.

The stage is an easily accessible platform for fresh bands, as most of the local bands had their very first gig here, but also a place where more established, known and loved heroes come back to for a more exclusive, intimate performance.

We celebrate diversity on all aspects of life and we not bounded by any music genre, so here you can find anything from experimental jazz to hard core punk, all in the course of the same week.

Bastard Bar houses everything from birthday parties and weddings to funerals and election wakes.

If you walk into the bar on a regular day, you’ll find a cosy, dimmed and relaxed atmosphere, great music, delicious refreshments and the friendliest bartenders in town.

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